Lions Club of Batavia New York

Bohn won the Batavia Lion’s Club’s second annual Biggest Loser contest

Posted on Jul 18, 2017

BATAVIA — Roger Bohn and Andrew Young were the City’s Biggest Losers — and that’s a good thing.

Roger Bohn

Bohn won the Batavia Lion’s Club’s second annual Biggest Loser contest by dropping 44 pounds in the competition’s 75 days — or 15.3 percent of his starting weight.

His secret was, mostly, cutting out carbs, which, as with most people, was tough, he said.

“Today I had an orange for the first time since February or March,” he said.

Bohn added he didn’t exercise a whole lot, but really tried to make sure his calories coming in were always less than he was burning.

He did the contest last year and lost 28 pounds by lowering how many carbs he consumed, but really wanted to take that further this year.

He said the first two weeks were easy, that he was dropping a lot of weight. After that, he plateaued a little.

“From then on it’s a pound at a time, two pounds at a time,” he said.

Also unlike last year, he’s going to try harder to keep the weight off, which he knows will be easier said than done.

“You have to be careful because it’s easy to slip back into it,” he said.

His goal is to really avoid white starches and get into a new lifestyle with his food options.

As for advice to others looking to lose weight, he encouraged people to explore more food options. He said that with some searching, there are foods out there that taste good and still achieve your weight loss goals.

And looking to next year, he’s hoping he doesn’t have to participate again.

“Hopefully I don’t have anything to (lose) next year,” he said.

Andrew Young

Young came in second place in this year’s contest, dropping 32.4 pounds for 14.12 percent loss of his starting weight.

Similarly, he focused on diet. He simply focused on calories in and calories out.

“The real trick is eating less times and less quantity,” he said. “I didn’t revolutionize the diet industry.”

He did exercise a bit, though. Young said he plays basketball at The Y three times a week, something he’s done for a long time now.

He also said the competitive nature of him losing weight helped inspire him.

“It was nice to have the challenge to keep you moving and keep you going,” Young said.

He said he had a side bet with another friend who was in the contest that spurred him on more. He said he won that.

His advice? Simply getting up and moving.

“You burn a whole lot more calories doing almost anything other than sitting on the couch,” he said.

Young is glad he did the contest and hopes the weight will stay off.

“I feel a lot better, I’ve got more energy,” he said. “Hopefully I’ll be around longer for my kids because of it.”

Other notes

Third place was Mike Swiatowy, who lost 33.6 pounds for 13.4 percent.

Fourth-through-sixth were: Margret Pieri with 24.4 pounds for 12.3 percent; Jerry Buchinger with 27.6 pounds for 11.7 percent; Theresa Deaul with 22 pounds for 10.15 percent.


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